All in all you were all just bricks in the wall.

The Illuminati is REAL . . .

THEY KILLED ROBIN. Matt, you're next IF you don't WAKE UP.

'There's THIEVES in the temple tonight!' We know that a gang of inbred motherfuckers runs Hollywood & the entertainment industry. God says it's time 2 WAKE UP b4 its too late.  ~Prince

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The support and contributions of the WOKE folks enable us to be more effective in this fight for God/Love/Truth. 

The generous donations of the WOKE go directly towards raising awareness and more Flashmob Justice actions to fight that inbred gang running Hollywood - aka the iluminutty/ one world order.

Together, just maybe we can wake up Hollywood b4 its too late. 

The NWO is going DOWN. 

God Says So. 

Ask Him Yourself.

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Don't you realize she's not on your side???

Camilla Alvez, mother to your children, has lied & betrayed you time & again Mac. Wake Up b4 its too late.



Just like Robin Williams . . . They're coming for your family, too. 

They gave her a choice - you or Eli . . . they didn't tell her they'd rather take you both. 

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